"PASIDARYK pats" UV Epoksidinės Silikono Formos Kristalų Cilindro formos Žvakė Žvakidė-Savininko Papuošalų Laikymo Dėžutė Dervos Sluoksnį Dervos Amatų

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Elemento Tipas:Dervos Sluoksnį


Pakuotės, įskaitant:1 vnt pelėsių

  • Papuošalai Išvados Tipas: Kita
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: LIEBE ENGEL
  • Medžiaga: Silikono


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The shape is good, silicone thick, only seller put the goods in narrow package and shape of round, turned into an oval... Well, I think it's aligned .. A small candle. Came fast enough
Tay Muphy 18 12
I just received my item today after waiting a very long time and the mold was damaged and I know it will cause problems once I pour resin into it. It’s thin in certain areas so it will probably rip after the first few uses and it will cause it to leave an unattractive pattern in the finished piece where it’s messed up at. On the bottom of the mold the silicone is peeling and is very thin in some spots. I’m pretty unhappy that it came in this condition since I was looking forward to using this mold often and I doubt I’ll get many uses if I’m lucky I’ll get one good use from it.... it was also warped during transit but I won’t complain as much about that since I feel it’s easier to reform its shape but the peeling and thin spots on the bottom absolutely ruins the piece...